Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Vegetarian

"The day that I became a vet'rinarian,
I had a sudden overwhelming wish -
To be a pure and simple vegetarian
And give up eating all that meat and fish."
Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley

DAY 338:  OK ... so I've been doing this vegetarian thing for over a month now and I've been VERY successful.  I haven't touched ANY meat in all that time.  While I was in Ireland, I read a marvelous book called Skinny Bitch, which extolled the virtues of an organic vegan lifestyle.  In this book, there were a couple of chapters dealing with the horrors of slaughterhouses, along with the dreadful treatment and regulation of livestock in this country ... I was sold. 

Now, there was NO way I was going to give up dairy (read CHEESE) or eggs (read BAKED GOODS), so I knew vegan was not the way for me.  Though I'm still considering dropping the dairy as well (for reasons that are explained in the book), I don't think there's any way I'll go totally vegan, which means NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS of any kind. 

The more difficult thing was giving up DIET SODA!  Wow ... has THIS been tough.  The book also had some very convincing arguments against refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, particularly the latter.  They are nothing less than poison.  I learned that firsthand years ago, when I made the discovery that flooding my body with aspartame (Nutrasweet) in the form of cans and cans of Diet Pepsi led to migraines.  I switched to Diet Coke with Splenda, and the migraines went away.  The Skinny Bitch ladies have convinced me that even Splenda isn't healthy.

I'm grateful for my switch to a more healthy diet and lifestyle.  Unfortunately, I have discovered that a vegetarian lifestyle can quickly become a "carbo-tarian" lifestyle and it's HARDLY a method of weight loss unless monitored very carefully.  It's been particularly difficult while doing theatre and its late-night post-rehearsal binging on high-calorie, high-fat food.  But theatre's over for at least a couple of months, and I've vowed to keep my refrigerator fruit and veggie-rich while getting back to exercise (that I love SO much ... oy)!

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